American Idol: David Archuleta

I don't normally follow American Idol but this season could be the best season yet with real talents aplenty.

Among the field of talents, David Archuleta for me is a superstar in the making. His rendition of "Imagine" this week is the best I have heard at this level of the competition. It even brought tears to Paula. Even Simon said it was the best performance he has heard that night.

With a boyish charm, humble personality and huge voice - David for me is already a winner.

Check out his fan site and the Youtube Video of "Imagine"

Read Los Angeles Times' view of David's performance, apparently this rendition of Imagine was borrowed from Eva Cassidy and David had been practising this song for years as a child.

Issuing your own report cards

Like a bunch of kids filling their own grades on the report card.

Newsflash: Penang passes with flying colours

It was one of my childhood fantasy to be able to change the grades given by my teachers on my report card so that I can look really good when I show my report card in front of my parents. Apparently, no one told our politicians that such practice is mere fantasy. Look - how brazen they are in continuing this childish fantasy.

And they aren't the only ones - apparently our PM did the same a few days ago with his own report card!

Want to know the real report card? CLICK HERE AND HERE.
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Elections through the eyes of Bigfoot

This is really funny and worth a read -
Elections through the eyes of Bigfoot

Malaysians, let's do a Reality Check

News flash: BN dish out a manifesto. Wow, have they ever needed one?

The weird thing is this - How many of us can call this bluff?

Summary of BN manifesto

* Raise the nation’s productivity, income and competitiveness levels - by publishing false statistics.
* Cushion the effects of rising prices - by publishing false inflation figures
* Generate two million job opportunities - for 2 million immigrants from Indonesia, Bangla and Pakistan.
* Reduce the budget deficit further - more development funds, without increasing taxes - has this ever been done?
* Follow through on five development corridors to bring equitable growth, investment and job opportunities to all parts of Malaysia - if they can't make the MSC successful, do you think they can do it with 5 more?

Balanced development
* Eradicate hardcore poverty. Bring poverty rated down to 2.8 percent by 2010 - by publishing false statistics.
* Increase quality rural jobs and incomes - by one time payoffs during election
* Ensure access to modern quality healthcare - by dishing more hospitals construction contracts to cronies.
* Upgrade urban public transport and reduce traffic congestion - by dishing more construction contracts to cronies while increasing the traffic congestion until the next election.
* Affordable housing - for bumiputras since they can get 5% discount irrespective of their income levels.
* Continue to close the digital divide and improve broadband internet penetration - by dishing out more building and maintenance contracts for computer centers to cronies

* Raise teachers’ minimum qualification and provide more training opportunities - from where?
* Continue to make national schools the school of choice by, among others, explaining the teaching of Mandarin and Tamil - sure, we can call this a bluff for sure.
* Safeguard the position of national-type schools - by not closing them down.
* Provide more scholarships for undergraduates for poor but deserving students - regardless of race
- as long as they are bumiputras.
* Identify apex universities and provide more autonomy and resources for public institutions of higher learning to attain world-class standards - by sending BN cronies to lawatan sambil belajar holidays.

Law and order
* Bring down the country’s crime index - by censoring the news and publishing false statistics
* Tackle drug abuse and other social ills - by funding moral police.
* Address the issue of illegal immigrants - by giving them an address
* Add 60,000 police personnel by 2011 - why not now?
* Set up more than 150 new Police stations and beat bases to increase presence in more neighourhoods
* Improve safety in schools, playgrounds and public areas - by dishing out more contracts to cronies.
* Focus police operations and resources in crime hot spots across the country - wasn't this an old promise?

Public services
* Speed up implementation of e-government initiatives - anyone ever used the e-government portal?
* Complete overhaul of all land offices and district offices - best joke I have ever heard.
* Speed up issuance of licences and permits - sure, lets just try the police permit first.
* Tie civil servants promotions, rewards and penalties more closely to performance targets - and they get a broom instead of the sack?
* Increase ethnic diversity in the public sector - by hiring more immigrants

Reducing corruption and improving government
* Continue to enforce anti-corruption measures without fear or favour - as long as PM is heading it and he is not charged.
* Strengthen monitoring and enforcement by agencies such as the ACA, Customs, Inland Revenue and local authorities - by dishing our more contracts for IT to cronies.
* Establish an effective Special Complaints Commission - more effective as they only attend to complains they want.
* Continue to foster a culture of integrity and high ethical standards through the National Integrity Plan - by starting with the people and not the leaders in government.

Religion and unity
* Build better understanding of Islam among Muslims and non-Muslims through Islam Hadhari - we need this, as none of us understand this Hadhari except the PM.
* Facilitate construction, consolidation and relocation of all places of worship via state government mechanism, coordinated at federal level, that will protect the interests of all communities - by demolishing existing temples and moving them to another site within the next 50 years.
* Increase dialogue on interfaith issues through the Department of National Unity and National Integration - sure, we need this as long as they can keep stealing the bodies.

Election Commission is the 12th player

EC okays forms without duty stamps

Although the law required that nomination papers are duly stamped, the EC decided to qualify the BN candidates. It is no surprise, right?

It is an open secret that the BN government runs the EC.

It is like having a player from one team acting as a football referee in a football match. Rules will be changed to accommodate the favoured and enforced to defeat the opponents.

It is only the blind that can’t see this injustice. It is only the apathetic that can’t see their rights being stolen.

Barisan Rakyat Poster

Active Image

Lets deny BN the 2/3 majority. Vote for the Barisan Rakyat.

Download the larger poster here.

This Beauty is for Sale

Samsung Ultra Messaging i600. Read the specs here.

A friend of mine is selling (2nd hand) this beauty for RM1,188. It's retailing for RM1,688 new.

It's hardly used, 100% without scratch. Comes with 2 batteries, CDs , box and cables.

Slim and sexy design; thumbwheel provides a BlackBerry-like user experience;
microSD expansion slot; HSDPA, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity; supports A2DP;
user-friendly interface; excellent sound quality on speakerphone

Great for people who wants to read emails, RSS, Internet on the move.

Rated as the Editor's choice by CNetAsia.
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Chili Padi Stings Back

According to Malaysiakini, Fong Po Kuan aka Chili Padi has reversed her decision not to defend her seat. At a press conference in Ipoh today, Fong said she was ready to contest the seat which she has held for two terms.

Fong apologised to the Batu Gajah voters, supporters and the party for causing them 'disappointment and hurt'. "It was definitely a very painful decision (to withdraw). However, I felt very remorseful when I discovered how much a majority of the people cared for me and supported me. Indeed, the reflection of their immense support touched me deeply which brought about the thought that I must not fail them," she said. Fong said she realised that her decision to quit was not wise.
"Besides, this coming election is very crucial to all concerned Malaysians. I promise to remain to shoulder the responsibility to be at the frontline with all Malaysians for the benefit of many generations to come," she added.
She may be unwise, but she has the humility to come back - and hopefully to give BN the sting.


Politicians = Diapers

"Politicians are like diapers, you need to change them frequently and for the same reasons."
quote from the movie - "Man of the Year".

Credits: Moer2d2

Top Blogs to read before you vote

Picture taken from NakTak

Not in any order at all:
Other Malaysia
NakTak - plenty of pictures and old news to refresh your memory.
Reduced & Recycled
Mob1900 - posters tell the story words can't

A Rose of the Death of Peace

"Witnesses also claimed that police had aggressively manhandled a women with her child when they wanted to arrest her."The woman was crying aloud because the police forced her to leave her child when she was arrested," said Mahendran who later informed Malaysiakini of the woman’s condition through his mobile phone."

As far as most of us in CyberMalaysia is aware, peace is dead. When peaceful marches are met with brutality. When children are arrested for carrying roses to the Parliament. Nevermind, the labels given to Hindraf, these are kids.

Oh, they should not have used kids, you say? What other choices do they have to send a petition in peace?

As for Malaysians still glued to RTM and MSM, all is okay (according to PM). Is it when you read this?


Flip Flop PM Fit to be PM?

Top Five possible reasons for the prime minister’s flip-flop statement on the dissolution of Parliament:

1. He is a liar and makes empty promises
2. He is unsure of his plans from day-to-day and makes decisions as and when
3. He was misquoted by the media that is owned by the BN
4. He received sudden inspiration on the night of Feb12.
5. He received urgent news during the cabinet session which made him change his mind.

We will never know the reasons behind all the flip flops, u-turns and knots which our dear prime minister loves making.
Do you have any to add?

Credit to VincentPang & YSM.

Did our Agong consent to the dissolution?

Was His Majesty really consulted this morning?
Or was it His Majesty's Keeper of the Royal Garment (as described by RPK) was consented?

We won't know because our national news only issue a statement from the PM. We don't see His Majesty Agong speak on live TV give his consent. Are we to just accept the news from the PM that the King consented? Can you trust any statements from the PM, these days?

Someone please give us some light.

Latest: Apparently Lim Kit Siang shed some light here.
(if you can't read the whole article, perhaps it is time to pay for real news?)

The People are the Boss?


RPK wrote - The PEOPLE are the Boss and there is a PDF download called "The People's Voice" which Malaysia Today claims have sent "to all the 20 or so political parties that will be contesting the coming general election. It is up to them whether to reject or accept what we have demanded. But if they choose to reject it then they would have to explain why because our demands are legitimate and very credible."

Lets hope he is right and that the people make the right decisions.

What's the Rush?

My wife went gaga. I see people queuing to test drive it. It was suppose to be an SUV to 'kill' the Livina.

There is no need to Rush.
This Rush has the exactly
- Same interior (95% similarity)
- Same engine bay (100% identical)
and guess what the same bumpy (van-like) suspension system as the Avanza..
- And its not even a real SUV.

Welcome Bumpy Family.

Now.. what will happen if we put larger wheels such as the ones onrush, on Avanza? Less power..

Wont be surprised of the body roll is worst than Avanza too.If you own an Avanza, there is no regrets.
Just upgrade yoursuspensions and kiss goodbye to Bumpy Family.

A Giant Upset

Giants won 17-14 and break Patriots heart.

Coming into the Superbowl, the Patriots where perfect 18-0 and red hot favourites to win the Superbowl.

The Patriots were just a win away from a perfect season (19-0) that has never been achieved by any team in this era. Only Miami Dolphins of the old era had the perfect season (17-0) albeit with fewer games.

As a Dolphin fan, of course I root for the Giants to deny the odds and be the stumbling block to break Miami's cherished record. At least the Miami fans have some thing to be happy about after a dismal season.

(No, I am not watching on TV but just following it on
10 things we learned from Giant's win