Mac Air

Thin as Air. All notebooks should be embarrassed.

This is a geek's latest object of desire. Read more here, here and here.

God promised

And He delivered.

Today I received a wonderful piece of news. It's an answer to my prayers.
God remembered His covenant with me. Just as He remembers His covenant with Noah.

The Face that Sinks a Bank

Rogue trader Jerome Kerviel loses astonishing £3.6billion for bank Societe Generale - four times more than Nick Leeson who sank Barings bank

The amount he lost was four times more than British dealer Nick Leeson who sank Barings bank in 1995. Mr Kerviel worked in SocGen’s Delta One products team in Paris. He has now been sacked. .. SocGen now has to raise 3.6 billion pounds to bail itself out.

I have known for years now that our banking system is just a crack away from a full collapse bring about a worldwide crisis. That has been prophesied for years now.

I just didn't know that it would be this easy. Imagine if there are more of this kind of guys in a few big banks. Greed coupled with dishonesty isn't absent in most traders of this kind. And any computer system as it has proven time and again can't be fool-proof.


My home's Internet was down for 2.5 days. And my blogging life stood still. (I am giving excuses.)

Internet began as a nice to have novelty that have become a must have for survival. Well, I am exaggerating, a little.

How does one exaggerate only a little? One only needs to read our DPM's comment today that "Malaysia's inflation rate is the lowest in the world " to find proof. Perhaps he already stockpiled his food and stuff for the next 20 years.

Perhaps like my Internet, we are all experiencing a downtime - where we feel unconnected to the 'real' world. Perhaps all this is just a temporary thing, like a downtime, and we will all get our Roti Canai for 80sens again or our Karipup will cost 30sens again.

Maybe, just maybe we only need to wait 55 days for the truth to arrive like our dear friend in Malacca.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

We love movies in this country. Thats why we have so many illegal DVD vendors.
We also love to remake movies. Thats why we have the religious departments.

The story goes like this: Eldest Son claims dead father is muslim.

Body can be snatched with a certificate and a card from the department.
Its so easy.

Did you say holiday?

All Malaysians love holidays, except perhaps - the sole proprietors, SMEs, MNCs, and all those trying to make a living by earning a profit. And of course - the KL Hindu folks who had to take leave for Thaipusam each year for the last 50 years. Now, at least they can save that leave for Ponggol.

I am certain now that all the Indians in KL will be voting for BN - because ALL is Forgiven! Just don't remind them that 5 of their heroes are still in prison during this holiday.

Incidentally, I heard a rumour that the Chinese are now thinking of launching a street protest and by following the same logical conclusion, they will finally get a holiday for Kuo-Tong (Winter Harvest Festival).

I can hardly wait.

Credits: Stacy W.

This snow man got it right

Cliche, but its true.

Camera: Canon EOS 350D Digital
Exposure: 0.02 sec (1/50)
Aperture: f/5
Focal Length: 30 mm

Proud to be Malaysian

What begun when we are a child, should not end just because we turn cynical.