The Day Kuala Lumpur Froze

Imagine being in a mall full of people and suddenly 1000 people just froze! Science fiction?
Read Malaysian Insider's scope on this event.
"At 3.35pm yesterday, a small but highly trafficked section of Kuala Lumpur came to a screeching freeze. The phenomenon occurred at the Pavilion mall in Jalan Bukit Bintang and lasted approximately 5 minutes.A fashion show at the mall's ground floor atrium had just concluded when suddenly, an estimated 1,000 people who had gathered to watch the show ceased to move, sending the rest into confusion.The mall's patrolling security guards were equally bewildered by the sudden non-movement and were observed to be at a loss on what to do. They kept running back and forth and speaking into their walkie-talkies but made no move to question any of the petrified crowd."
No, time did not stand still.

A participant said: “The idea behind the event is that it's not a political statement but a
social statement, that people of different ethnicities, different
classes across a wide section of society could get together to do this
After the event, there were random groups of people coming up to you
and talking to you. There was a sense of camaraderie, that cheer of
support; even though what we did was nothing but freeze, we did it

With Malaysians like these its not surprising then that we had our political tsunami.

See Prakesh's Pictures of the "phenomena" here.

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