Have I invested in Malaysia?

In the aftermath of EC's Blackout magic and announcement that snatched away the people's victory.

Soul searching starts not just with the PR but for each an every Malaysian who has hopes and dreams for a New Malaysia.

 For PR, even if all the disputed electorate were won, will they reach 122 seats? I doubt it. They fared so poorly in the Rural places by fielding mostly "parachute" leaders into these zones and the rural people rejected them. The Rural and Urban divides widens. Have PR invested enough in the rural places over the last 5 years? The results have not changed.

For us Malaysians who seek change and have dreams for a new Malaysia - have we invested ourselves in reaching the Rural heartlands - have we created business / job opportunities for our youth to work in their home towns and stay there to make a difference? Have we put our money to work in these places?

Winning the Urban places is also a given now, but winning the hearts and minds of the rural Malaysia - is not with propaganda or money. It's by investment of time and growing leaders from these places. Have we as new Malaysians given birth to new leaders in these heartlands?

That's the question i ask myself and my friends. If change is what we seek, we need to seek to change ourselves first and invest in change. Investment doesn't mean praying alone or giving money to ngos, church or political parties etc.

Will we as Malaysians with hearts full of dreams and fire, move to invest our time and money and business in creating jobs, business and educate the rural people in Malaysia? It is a fallacy to believe that just because of election fraud alone that we are robbed of change. I think we are robbed of change if we Malaysians don't change - if we don't invest in reducing the gap of rural and urban people. If we create business only in cities and towns. If we just give money to build bigger more comfortable churches. I am asking myself, have change really happen in me? Or it is just dreams and hopes. Dreams and hopes is still one leap away from change. That leap is making an investment.

 Have I done enough? Have i invested in Malaysia?

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